is one of the few full service agencies that come from the field of film and television.
There is a big difference between graphic design, print media and film.

30 years of experience from working for TV stations and industrial companies is the basis of our qualification.

That's why we use a team of freelance copywriters, translators, voice-over artists, cameramen, graphic designers, editors and IT specialists and other professionals who have proven themselves over the years and
who are put together to realise your tailor-made concept.
This also means cost reduction, because we do not have to keep any staff on hand.

Media and consultancy services are always immateriell, intangible,
the service creation process is complex and requires a high degree of specialised knowledge.

Our service

  • Identification and utilisation of marketing opportunities for sales
  • Defining sales potential in different markets and countries
  • Value selling with target-oriented media to improve sales processes and interaction with your customers
  • Process consulting and support with media marketing tools to achieve your business goals
  • Reducing interfaces to minimise sources of error
  • Preparing decisions for company management


MMF is the solution!