The fascination of 3D-Glasses

Please put on your anaglyph spectacles.

Also over your normal spectacles. Without anaglyph spectacles you will not recognise any 3D effect. It may take a moment for the effect to become discernible.

We will gladly send you a pair of anaglyph spectacles free of charge, subject to availability.

Just send us a short e-mail:

How and for what can I use 3D-stereo photography?

Stereo photography is suitable for any business.

For example

  • on your exhibition stand
  • in your reception area
  • for presentations to special groups of visitors
  • in presentation folders on a USB stick together with your company catalogue for very special customers
  • as a PDF catalogue online, where you can spatially highlight photos and texts
  • on a mobile phone, laptop or tablet when talking to customers
  • as interactive information in museums, exhibitions, banks, tourist information offices, zoos and more

3-D stereo photography offers the opportunity to show your company and your products spatially and in a way that can be grasped.

Exactly as the eye perceives them in reality.

In connection with your products and offers an individual and extraordinary unique selling proposition.



What are the costs?

For as little as 6,200 € plus VAT, translation costs and travel costs, you will receive a perfect presentation with German texts of approx. 3 minutes in length.

Of course, you can get your presentation with multilingual titles.

There are no limits to your requirements.

Let us advise you and make you an individual offer.



Would background music be useful?


Please bear in mind:

  • it is very loud at the fair, you would hardly understand comments and music
  • in the foyer and in the waiting area, where a presentation would run as an endless loop, you would not be doing visitors and employees any favours

For special clients or purposes, the possibilities can of course be used.



Are individual photos interchangeable?

Yes. Each individual photo can be updated at any time.



Are 3D stereo films also available?

3D stereo films are only standardised for playback in cinemas with special glasses.

Since television monitors have different frame rates and controls, double contours and shadows in 3D anaglyph films would be unavoidable.

This is not the case with the reproduction of 3D stereophotos. They work perfectly.



What exactly is 3D stereophotography and where does it come from?

3D stereophotography has been around since around 1860.

If you want to learn more about its origins and use, including for industry, go to our 3D Stereophotography History page.





Not all people can recognise 3D images!

About five percent of people, about four million in Germany, do not have the ability of three-dimensional, spatial vision and cannot recognise 3D images.
What is the reason for this?
The child's brain suppresses the weaker eye when there is a visual defect. If this is not recognised and treated, the eye is later switched off, so to speak.
In adulthood, the damage is irreparable.
This visual defect is called amblyopia.
Those affected usually do not hardly bothers at all and it is subjectively not very disturbing.

You can see some recent examples from our production below: Just click on the images to enlarge.


Below: 100 years ago. Industry discovers 3D stereo photography. Whether production processes, production halls with the first assembly lines, controlling, test runs or the documentation of architecture and urban development - there was no area in which the advantages of spatial representation were missing.